Hot Times

Jesus, it has been quite a while again, hasn’t it? Guess I was caught somewhere between work, laziness, traveling and hanging around. And enjoying the spring of course! I have mentioned it before, the Georgian winter is absolutely gorgeous. And by gorgeous, I mean warm. This also translates into a warm and early spring, which I have been enjoying a lot.

Plenty of things have happened! Traveling to Armenia and western Georgia, Georgian Easter, our mid-term meeting, a week of being bed-ridden by fever, a youth exchange with young Danish people and the opening of the scouting season.

But let us write everything down from the beginning, shall we? Shortly after my last post we went onto an extended weekend trip to Armenia. Yerevan, to be more specific. Naturally we hitchhiked there and got invited to traditional Armenian food on the way there. The rides there went smooth, but a notable difference between the Armenian and the Georgian way of driving apparent. Both drive very crazy, with the difference being that the Armenians want to drive faster and more dangerously, but their cars and roads are too shitty to allow for that. It takes a while to get used to, but in the end, being on the edge of death every time you are on the road becomes a normal, daily thing. I have even witnessed myself getting bored when our driver was not driving at absurd speeds.
Anyway, back to Yerevan. We had a great time there, although generally I feel that Tbilisi is the more lively and interesting city. Armenia as a country is much more barren than Georgia, and very mountainous. When we were there, there was not a lot of vegetation growing yet, so the visual appeal of the nature was rather limited.

A few weeks later I was visited by Max and Kelsang, two fine German lads. I showed them a bit around Georgia, which of course included a trip to Kazbegi. For that we rented a nice fucked-up car for 60 Lari from some random guy. The trip went smoothly, until the way back. There was a big traffic jam in an unventilated tunnel. While that was scary enough, when it eventually cleared up and we wanted to start the car again; our key broke. In addition to that, it was an uphill-going tunnel. So we pushed the car out of the tunnel into the snowy mountains of the Caucasus. A police car stopped and tried to help us, but with no success. Eventually, we managed to start it again and returned it while being filled up with enough adrenaline to last the month.

Right after that we went to our midterm meeting, to evaluate our life in EVS so far. It was very pleasing, also because we all knew each other already. The whole thing was ended with a supra. Which was great, naturally. The midterm meeting sadly left me with an unpleasant sickness which tied me to my bed for a solid seven days. Fun times!

A very recent and memorable trip was us going to Samegrelo in western Georgia during the Georgian Easter. It was my first time properly going into the western part, and it was stunningly beautiful. Everything was green and lovely. We went to different places, including Martvili Canyon, Okatse Canyon and Poti. In Poti we got to witness the Georgian Easter traditions, which are very, very unique. Basically, all the family of a deceased one gathers at the cemetery to eat and drink with them on their graves. It was very unusual at first for us, but we got promptly invited by a family to drink and eat with them. Which was very fascinating, because to them it seemed it was the greatest thing in their life to make us eat Khachapuri and get us drunk on homemade wine.

Pictures Here!

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